ERP Migration

Seamless ERP migrations

Built to integrate into all major ERP systems
As healthcare seeks to become more efficient and resilient, ERP migrations become necessary to modernize the process to ensure the data foundation is scalable.
With decades of healthcare experience and comprehensive solutions built to integrate with top ERP vendors, Innovit can help you optimize your cloud transformation, Leverage Innovit’s ERP Migration Solutions and tool to clean, standardize and enrich and ensure a smooth transition to a new ERP systems.

Innovit will help you develop a comprehensive strategy for your ERP project, ensuring your systems run at peak performance and drive efficiencies that support your specific goals and needs.

Features & Benefits

Data Validation

Deliver trusted, high-quality product data by leveraging Innovit’s built-in data quality and data validation tools.

Ensure that product data is accurate and compliant with any pre-defined set of validation rules from regulatory agencies, as well as any internal, user-configured data attributes and validation rules.

GAMP 5 Validated

Innovit systems and processes are fully validated to comply with GAMP 5 standards software development, quality assurance, technical support, system implementation.

Built-in functionality for data versioning and electronic signatures to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements (and EU Commission’s Annex 11).

M2M Data Submission

Proven machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities for regulatory data submissions that ensures data accuracy and a scalable process for data compliance in all markets.

Ease of enabling new countries at a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as data submission services or standalone country-level compliance solutions.

Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

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