GGDSN Connectivity

Certified for GS1 GDSN standards to enable global suppliers to efficiently synchronise more accurate and trusted product data.
A Multi-Domain Approach to Mastering Data.
Large enterprises and mid-sized companies have master data that is fragmented, inaccurate and non-synchronised. What should be your biggest asset has become one of your biggest headaches.


Enter Innovit Multi-Domain MDM. This solution helps you manage multiple domains of master data including product, customer, vendor, asset, location and pricing in a single centralised application. By applying best practice processes and governance controls, you can have trusted master data powering your critical business operations. The result is enhanced data quality, reduction of supply chain costs, increase in product marketing effectiveness and efficient trading partner collaboration.

Features & Benefits

Data Conversion

User-friendly, user-configurable, certified GDSN Connectors for:

  • Suppliers to convert product data from internal systems into GDSN compliant formats for publication to GPOs and hospitals.
  • GPOs and hospitals to convert catalogs from GDSN data pools into standardized product master data for syndication to internal systems.

GS1 Data Validation

Pre-packaged, pre-configured validation rules that are fully compliant with GS1 standards, and certified by the leading GDSN data pools that host more than 90% of all active GTIN records globally.


Real-time and graphical data validation reports that help ensure data quality, and deliver trusted product data to supply chain and clinical professionals.

Approve & Publish

Highly configurable, user-friendly workflow automation for:

  • Healthcare suppliers to approve and publish product catalogs to trading partners via GDSN data pools.
  • Healthcare data recipients to ingest product data for review and enrichment before syndicating ‘trusted’ data to internal enterprise systems.

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Publish validated data effortlessly with trading partners using Innovit’s GDSN Connector on the cloud.
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