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Become an Innovit Partner

If your company provides complementary products or services to our PIM, MDM and GDSN solutions, why not register for our Partnership Program?

Become a Partner

Market Exposure
Business Opportunities
Joint Sales & Marketing
Qualified Customer Base

GDSN Data Pool Partners

See how Innovit’s Solution Partners all across the world are helping our customers to achieve their goals with the combination of their professional services and leading-edge software.

No matter how complex your MDM, PIM or GDSN project is, you can be assured that our solution partners will use their proficiency and experience to lead your project and fast-track its success.

There’s no denying that our solution partners deliver unprecedented value, but the real winners are, of course, our customers.

Implementation Partners and Resellers

Innovit Resellers are independent companies located all across the world that help Innovit to expand its sales reach.

We partner with companies who are each leaders in their industry segment and provide complementary value-add solutions for Innovit customers. Innovit is dedicated to the success of our resellers, and support them with a range of sales, marketing, and staff training programs which promote the growth of a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Learn how Innovit solutions can help your customers improve master data management and syndication.

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners provide our customers with compatible hardware, connectivity services, or complementary software tools that extend your Innovit software investment.

Our technology partners are continually verified to ensure that their products remain compatible with Innovit. Ensuring that their technology maintains current with Innovit software provides our customers with a more seamless and cost-effective upgrade and support process over the lifetime of their investment.

Industry Authorities & Associations

As industries all across the world continue to evolve and adapt to their changing trading requirements, Innovit relies on its industry partners and associations to contribute to its software design and functionality. This ensures that Innovit’s products continue to comply with global and industry standards.

Innovit’s Industry Partner Program is a collaboration of knowledge and services across multiple industry sectors e.g. Food and Grocery, Healthcare or Automotive.

Whether it’s specific to global standards, or localised retail and supply chain reforms, each of Innovit’s industry partners are experts in their field and can be called on to assist our customers.

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