Consulting Services

Technology in itself is not the answer to effecting change within your organisation. As part of the overall solution, Innovit provides a range of services that can assist companies to gain the most out of their existing data management systems and processes, or from the investment in new technology.

Our consulting services provide companies that manage large amounts of products and are faced with many of the common challenges in managing product information. Our consulting, implementation and support services when used in combination assist our clients and partners to quickly realise the benefits of our Innovit software

Our Services Include

  • Client Master Data Management Reviews
  • Master Data Management Needs Assessment & Tools
  • General Consulting Services
  • Post iICE implementation Assistance
  • Process Redefining and Documentation
  • Change Management
  • Solution Training
  • Education on the GS1 System

Implementation & Support Services

The purchase of Innovit’s iICE suite does not end at the purchase of software. Innovit has a fully operational implementation and support team that provide software implementation, project management and advice, software support and training and education.

Each member of Innovit’s consulting team come with extensive product knowledge and industry expertise. Our team can assure your organisation of delivering state of the art products and services, and further supporting these throughout the lifetime of use within your organisation.

Our Support Services Include

  • Implementation Consulting
  • Project Management and Advice
  • Software Support and Upgrade Services
  • Process Redefining and Documentation
  • Change Management
  • Solution Training.
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