Automotive Aftermarket


Innovit delivers the most cost-effective and easy-to-implement catalogue management and PIM (Product Information Management) systems for Automotive Aftermarket parts suppliers and distributors.  Innovit delivers a complete PIM system with pre-configured modules for managing vehicle hierarchy, vehicle-parts application, and gap analysis to maximise sales revenue and optimise demand planning and forecasting.

The Market

The worldwide Automotive Aftermarket is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020.  Globalisation, increased regulations, rising demand for service & repairs and customer preferences shifting online are key factors driving the automotive industry.

The Problem

The global automotive aftermarket industry is highly fragmented.  Manufacturers, and distributors manage multitudes of master data.  More importantly, the marketplace is rapidly going online with consumers demanding ease of purchase, convenience and home delivery at the click of their mouse.

The Promise

A complete MDM system that eliminates redundancy and rework, corrects missing parts application data, meets compliance needs and streamlines internal data handling processes.  The result: increased sales, reduced stock returns, reduced costs and deliver a trusted ‘single version of the truth.’

“Rising demand for the vehicle durability has increased the scheduled maintenance frequency to achieve better performance. This has resulted in increasing replacement of original parts driving the automobile aftermarket industry size.” – Global Market Insights, 2017


100% user-configurable Master Data Management systems for data quality and accuracy across multiple data domains.

100% user-configurable workflow management platform to help optimise processes, minimise inefficiencies, preserve resources and improve MDM/PIM.

Certified for GS1 GDSN standards to enable global suppliers to efficiently synchronise more accurate and trusted product data.