Supply Chain Management

Source supplier data with ease

Centralise data from multiple sources
A critical success factor for any healthcare provider is having the right medical products, at the right time, in the right place, for physicians to provide the services that their patient’s demand

Yet, it’s challenging to source and manage product data from healthcare suppliers to reduce supply chain cost and drive product master data management and best practices.

Innovit’s Supply Chain Management Solutions enable healthcare providers to centralize disparate data from multiple sources and establish an accurate and up-to-date single source of truth.

Leverage Innovit’s Supply Chain Management Solutions to control soaring costs for contracted supplies, quickly and easily see the hospital’s contracted vendors and eliminate ad hoc sourcing to provide improved buying power.

Features & Benefits

Data Validation

Deliver trusted, high-quality product data by leveraging Innovit’s built-in data quality and data validation tools.

Ensure that product data is accurate and compliant with any pre-defined set of validation rules from regulatory agencies, as well as any internal, user-configured data attributes and validation rules.

GAMP 5 Validated

Innovit systems and processes are fully validated to comply with GAMP 5 standards software development, quality assurance, technical support, system implementation.

Built-in functionality for data versioning and electronic signatures to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements (and EU Commission’s Annex 11).

M2M Data Submission

Proven machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities for regulatory data submissions that ensures data accuracy and a scalable process for data compliance in all markets.

Ease of enabling new countries at a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as data submission services or standalone country-level compliance solutions.

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